April 7, 2014

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Ice-melt Camera: Part 1

Early last week I set up a pretty decent 8mp wildlife camera, not to photograph wildlife though, but rather to capture what it looks like as the ice melts. My timing couldn’t have been better as we received a pretty major snow storm 2 days later, resulting in some pretty interesting photos. I hope you […]

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March 27, 2014

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Musical Passion

The life of a musician is one of great sacrifice. Like nearly all forms of artwork the expenses substantially outweigh the income. Music is a labor of love though, a passion who’s intrinsic value can’t be measured monetarily. It is true that many have prospered off the music industry, but for every “star” there are […]

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December 10, 2013



Olkine Lobenek & Olkiten’g Loobaa | Dec. 1-2, 2013

The small band of men marched forward, switches in hand, filling the air with the guttural sounds of Maasai song. Soon they would be locked in battle. This however, would not be a battle of the likes that had made the Maasai ilmurran so famous, but rather a carefully coordinated performance. Entering the enclosure first, […]

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